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The Epidemic Rise of Synthetic Drugs: an In-Depth Analysis

Across The World, Synthetic Drugs Are Developing I have spent over 20 years studying the mechanism behind drug trafficking, particularly how prohibition has been driving the rise of new synthetic drugs that are transforming the way the world gets high. Within a few years, many of the drugs we know could be replaced by new dangerous chemicals prepared in the laboratory. A few years ago, we noticed a gradual change, almost like a tectonic plate in motion, from drugs made from plants, like cocaine and heroin, to drugs made in the lab, like speed, ecstasy, and methamphetamine. And this is having huge implications for global drug trafficking, drug addicts, and the world as a whole. This is one of the biggest stories in the drug world today, and we need to talk about it. But, This Isn't A Completely New Thing We've had synthetic drugs that have been around for a long time now, from LSD to MDMA and methamphetamine . And, of course, we have had pharmaceuticals. What has been

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